How It Works

How to raise funds


Register through your email or Social Media logins, just two clicks and you can choose the Causes you want to support for free.

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Install the HelpfreelyApp™

To raise funds through your online purchases you need to add the HelpfreelyApp™ to your computer's browser. Install it here and it will appear automatically when you visit a partner store.

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Shop online as usual

The HelpfreelyApp™ will show you the partner stores in search engine results. When you visit the web site of the partner store, login and activate the app and continue shopping as always.

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Raise funds

The HelpfreelyApp™ will automatically detect your online shopping and dedicate a percentage of your purchase to the Causes you’ve choose to support.

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See your progress

Visit your Control Panel and see how many funds you are raising for free through your online shopping. Invite your friends and raise even more funds!

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More information?

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more or Contact us.